Series on Structures | Episode 3 of 5

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down: A book written by J.E. Gordon

Reverse Engineer Your Life

With this concept, you can conquer your problems, overcome challenges, reach your goals, and most importantly optimize your mindset. At times, we focus too much on beauty and pure pleasure, which derails us from our personal journey and achievements. Other times, we stay too close to the line of form and function, favoring efficiency over everything, leaving little to the mind to enjoy visually in an aesthetic sense. Before we scale down the girders in this review, we must examine the reprise of…

Series on Structures | Episode 2 of 5

Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down

In this second edition of our Architecture: Structures series, we will open the book and delve into the inner workings of structures of all kinds, with an emphasis on the relationship between humans, animals, plants, and beyond. Over the next several episodes, we will analyze the novel Structures or Why Things Don’t Fall Down, written by the prestigious author, J.E. Gordon. Though written decades previously, in 1978, it is amazing how ahead of the time the book was when first published. Also, the technical aspects ring true as much back then as they…

Series on Structures | Episode 1 of 5

Why Structures Are the Start to Success

Successful species, structures, and individual people on a human scale, all share a similar core concept. That is the fact that they possess or have evolved to possess a strong structure about them. Like any great structure, through and throughout, there are several angles to observe and admire. In this five-part mini-series, we will start by breaking down the relationship of our mind and actions with the arches of architecture. …

Why Do People Play Games

As important as this first question is, let’s not overthink it. Games are a reprieve from the most challenging things in our lives. A break from the mundane, as a typical gamer is transported to a different reality. According to the Entertainment Software Association, it’s quite intuitive to think that as technology advances, games will be better with improved graphics, storylines, and engagement strategies.

Let’s not forget the fact that “three out of four Americans play video games.”

Not just any games, but video games. Three out of every four, wow. Games are fun, sure, but they are so much…

Figuring out your transportation preference for each trip is intertwined directly with how much you can accomplish and is at the peril of weather. Since it was a brisk 15 degrees Celsius (59° Fahrenheit) for most of the day, we opted for biking in the morning and afternoon. Since Berlin is consistently ranked as a top tier bike friendly city in Europe, this made perfect sense.

Famous Convergence Point During the Cold War

We began our first full day traveling from Checkpoint Charlie to the west side of Tiergarten Park until around 11 a.m. Tiergarten is similar to Central Park as it is a major feature for…

Ask yourself, have you been on a trip and had a “Ohhh, I wish I had…” moment?

There have been countless times where I’ve been in this situation, whether it’s been in a city I knew little about or wandering around without precious data enabled. The latest adventure started in Eastern Europe…

Fresh off being the best man in a wedding in Bulgaria, I flew westward two hours to Berlin, ready to taste Germany’s strudel of technological advances. Little would I know, Germany has baked in tech-friendly treats across the country from the moment we crossed the border. Deutschland exceeded…

I was born and raised in Texas, living in Houston for the past 18 years. I’ve never actually even ridden a horse in my life, go figure. Being on the younger side of the millennial generation, I have been bombarded with facebook, instagram, and snapchat of course. With all these options though, it doesn’t mean you have to look like this though 24/7.

Eric Hyde

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